Representations of industry
in harmony with nature

The passion for industrial landscape or we might say industry-scape is not to be overlooked in the works of the young Hamburgian artist Janus Alphonso. His focus on cranes and bridges plays a major role in his work and is represented picturesquely in a special way. The artist mainly uses small formats. However, they have an excellent composition that achieves expressive visual effect by a strong contrast between light and darkness.


Silhouettes of high slender cranes
and bridges

Janus Alphonso shows industry representations in harmony with nature. His cranes do not intervene in nature and destroy the scenic beauty. On the contrary, the artist is not only directed to an idealized world, but concretely shows the industry-evoked changes in the relationship between man and nature in the 21st century.

Janus Dominic Alphonso
- borm on 03-06-1986 in Hamburg
- paternal gradfather immigrated from India
- lives in Hamburg
- Education as an industrial mechanic,
since then he repairs cranes


Art Canton 2014

18 - 21-09-2014
Guangzhou / China
presented by Pashmin Art Gallery


Art Canton 2014 - Fair-Catalogue

Officially by the organizer of the fair
from 18 - 21-09-2014

Read full catalogue as PDF-file

Art Canton 2014 - Gallery-Catalogue

e-published by Pashmin Art Gallery, Hamburg
for the fair from 18 - 21-09-2014

Read full catalogue as PDF-file


Janus Alphonso

Kamillenweg 10
21244 Buchholz i. d. Nordheide

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